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BarCamp 2013, May 11-Day 1


BarCamp 2013, May 11-Day 1, a set on Flickr.

World Press Freedom Day, Yerevan Press Club event


May 3, 2013

Third Photo Exhibition by Freedom of Information Center


Third Photo Exhibition FOICA, a set on Flickr.

“Freedom of Press: the Right to Know” is the theme of the exhibition that opened in Yerevan today to mark World Press Freedom Day.

The event, organized by the Freedom of Information Center of Armenia NGO in cooperation with the Delegation of the European Union to Armenia, brought together journalists, representatives of state institutions and civil society in Armenia. The sponsors also included USAID/Armenia and OSCE’s Yerevan Office.

The aim of the one-week exhibition is to reflect on the challenges and opportunities of exercising the right to information, and to remind the government, media representatives and the public at large of their role in achieving this right. The photos and caricatures included in the exhibition, over 70 in all, will be published in a special catalogue devoted to International Press Freedom Day.

“World Press Freedom Day is one of those universally celebrated significant days, which underlines the importance of freedom of information and expression. Everyone has the right to have his own opinion, express it, as well as get information through any media. The European Union has always called for a pluralistic press and other media”, said Mr. Onno Simons, Head of the Political, Economic, Press and Information Section of the EU’s Delegation to Armenia.

U.S. Ambassador to Armenia John Heffern made remarks commending the organizers and commenting on the importance of a free press and access to information for a well-functioning democracy in the era of technology and digitalization. He urged journalists to investigate and analyze the information made available through the Freedom of Information Law to bring issues to the general public’s attention, and encouraged the Freedom of Information Center of Armenia to continue its good work.

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