Master Class for Cameramen in Covergent Media Environment

From April 17-21 Internews Armenia provided a Master Class for local cameramen. During five days 10 camera operators from Yerevan, Vanadzor, Gyumri and Martuni had the opportunity to learn techniques of operating a video, TV or film camera while working in a covergent media environment. All the participants had technical skills in camera operation and most of them had a job experience of a cameraman in local TV stations, on-line media or a film-making. The selection of candidates was based on competitive basis through an application procedure.

The training was conducted by a well-known Ukrainian TV operator and a film-maker Mikhail Lebedev. Through international expertize the training aimed to enhance the participants’ skills for work with traditional TV, gain new ones for work in a convergent environment.

The participants were exposed to learning effective techniques of camerawork in multimedia environment. The instructions and examples on shooting angles, video editing lighting techniques and shot composition were introduced to the trainees.The trainer also introduced the participants to modern types of cameras, their advantages and disadvantages.

Artak Nersisyan, a cameraman from AR TV

“I work as a TV operator for almost 14 years. Though I was familiar with many aspects of camerawork I could grasp some new and interesting information such as shot composition thanks to the trainer’s rich expertize. I had mostly hands-on experience and didn’t have an opportunity to participate in training courses before. This was my first experience and I am glad to get the opportunity.”

Melsik Khachatryan, a cameraman from Shirak TV, Gyumri

“I am self-educated and have gained expertise from my father who is also a TV operator. I participated in practical training courses in Moscow. Here in Armenia I mostly learned from the professionals I was working with though didn’t have a chance to get some academic knowledge. This training was a wonderful opportunity to gain knowledge from an international expert. I was much interested in lighting techniques and was happy to get the answers during this training. Though I should confess that some of the techniques I learned will be difficult to apply due to the poor technical capacity of regional TV companies.”

Albert Sarksyan, Master’s Degree Student of Yerevan State Institute of Theatre and Cinema

“As a film operator I was very happy to have a chance to meet such a professional as he talked about all the aspects of camerawork not only focusing on TV production. He presented many new approaches to operating a camera and gave a fresh look at the things I already knew. I just wished we could have more practical exercises under his leadership.”

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